Why Start a Passion Blog?

I‘ve been writing for years – decades really – but I’ve never really had a “passion blog.” What the hell is a passion blog anyway? I actually had to Google it. Turns out a passion blog is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a blog about your passion. But, of course, the next question is: What’s your passion?

Holy shit. I have no idea.

I’m interested in a ton of things – neuroscience, mindfulness, yoga, aromatherapy, working out without boredom, women healers, salt lamps, the lake.

I’m passionate about a few things – my daughter, my relationship, my current book. But you don’t want to read about those things.

And then it struck me:

I’m passionate about sensuality. Not sex (although that’s fun!) but experiencing the world through the senses. Luxurious, delicious food; fantastic (but inexpensive) wine; Epsom salt baths; dressing in flowy, feminine clothing (this is a new one for me); art shows; music; and so much more.

I’m also getting in touch with my emotional side lately, my more feminine side, and finding that there’s a certain magical strength to the inner feminine. The moon has drawn my curiosity recently, and I’ve been focusing on drawing my inner queen out little by little. It’s a process and I continually fight the inner critic that tells me I’m being crazy (thank you, childhood hang-ups and parents who always told me I was too emotional).

Finally, I’ve recently learned where my feminism is flawed. I’m exposing myself to activists who are POC, writings by black and brown women, and groups of white women who are waking up to the fact that our feminism isn’t what it should be.

So, The Feminine Pursuit will be all of these things:

  • The pursuit of femininity.
  • The indulgence of the 5 (or 6?) senses.
  • The exploration of inclusive feminism.


At 36, these are now my passions. I’m so excited to have you join me on this journey!