I Just Tried to Contact My Spirit Guides & Freaked The Eff Out

Okay, so I’ve recently decided to start exploring the world of my spirit guides. I’ve always been able to sense things beyond our five senses and I’ve even seen a full-body apparition. Lately, I’ve been sensing a lot more from the spirit world so I figured, “Hey, I should take things into my own hands and exercise a little control over the situation.” I know – very masculine energy of me.

Anyway, I’ve started reading Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System by Sonia Choquette. It’s a very happy, healing book. Seriously, it makes me smile and makes my heart soar every time I read a new chapter.

But, as I try to connect with my guardian angel, as suggested in the book, I’m coming up empty-handed. It’s been so strange.

So I decided that maybe I needed to go into meditation to connect with them. I pulled up my trusty Insight Timer, searched for an appropriate meditation (one that had over 1,400 views and 4.5 stars, by the way), and settled into my seat.

As a meditation teacher myself, I understand the value of safety in a meditation. This teacher did a wonderful job at helping me feel settled and safe. But about four minutes into the meditation, the teacher suggested we invite our spirit guides into our energetic field, to show us some tangible signs of their presence.

It was then that I freaked the fuck out.

Like, pulled myself out of meditation immediately, turned off the meditation and just sat there and breathed.

And then I started laughing. Okay, maybe this is why my angel has been reluctant to show him/herself. Because they know that I’m just not there yet.

I blame horror movies, honestly. I mean, it’s always a bad thing when a ghost or spirit shows up. Oddly enough, I’ve never felt threatened by a spirit – even though they’ve been waking me up at night when my boyfriend is traveling for work and I’m sleeping alone. Also, I’m very in tune with my spirit animals: a tiger being the primary guide, but also the hummingbird, hawk, wolf, and squirrel. Yes, one of my spirit animals is a squirrel…

Feminine Pursuit spirit animals


(By the way, according to the photographer, no squirrels were harmed in the taking of this photo. The red-tailed hawk had just left the nest and didn’t really know what he was looking at!)

So I guess I’m telling you this to make you laugh. And to also serve as a reminder that sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to or expect them to. And finally, that it’s a process, a journey, and we’re all on our own path of exploration.

For now, I’m going to keep reading and I’m going to be open to my animal guides for now. I’m sure my angels will show up in time.