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Transmissions from Dating Land:
The Revised & Expanded Edition

The Revised & Expanded Edition of everyone’s favorite dating book! From hook-ups to break-ups, we’ve all experienced the horrors and wonders of Dating Land, but for some reason, you still find yourself in this strange world of half-empty wine glasses and odd texts in the middle of the night. If you’re tired of getting the run-around, Transmissions from Dating Land gives it to you straight – from a woman who has been there, done that, and stolen her fair share of ex-boyfriends’ t-shirts. Part advice book, part memoir, part workbook and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, Transmissions from Dating Land is the last dating book you’ll ever need.


Revolution 2

In a society where everyone is equal, Bryn Craw finds that nothing is fair. After her friend and lover is killed, she sets off on the journey they’d planned together.

Freedom is within her grasp, but Bryn learns that she can’t run from her problems, but must face them head-on. Her problems just happen to come in the form of tanks, army battalions, and her petty sister — the heir apparent to the throne.

Together with a band of rebels, Bryn races against time to gain everything she’s passionate enough about to die for.


Wake of Darkness

College seemed like a good idea until Sophie Page realized that meant she’d be flooded with the thoughts of every single person in the lecture hall. Finding her way through early adulthood, intrigued by a handsome stranger, and gifted with a psychic ability that threatens to take her under, Sophie feels alone in the world.

When a typical day turns lethal, Sophie learns that the world is more than it seems. Suddenly caught between an old family and an ancient coven bent on revenge, Sophie learns that centuries aren’t nearly enough time for life, love, and revenge.